May 9th

1999:  Up at 6.30.  Mum got up – begrudgingly – something to do with it being Sunday.  We watched and danced to the tubs and then watched Simba’s pride with much persuasion from mum.  I don’t know what she’s got against the ’tubs’ I was happy to see them ’again, again’.  We went out to lunch with Bomper but I was tired and a bit poorly – I’m off my food and my bottom continues to run.  I had a sleep in the car and felt a bit better when I woke up.  Mum and I got dressed up and went to a pub with a big bouncy castle.  I played on it all evening (and so did mum when no one else was looking).  Tonight  I went to bed with my Peepo story.  I kept trying to turn over the last page and mum kept on telling me there wasn’t any more.  Eventually she got the message and realised that there was another one!  Well, I’ve only had it a year!  I have started to try and call mum “mummy” but it comes out “emmey” – she could have picked an easier name!

2019: Back to work today but it all passed in a fog due to codeine but at least the pain in my eye and head has eased and hopefully the continuing runny bum syndrome will too!

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May 8th – Crohns Complications and Puppy Love

1999: Up at 5.30 and wide awake – and so was mum!  She must’ve had an early night too.  I had a poo accident all over mum’s bedroom carpet – I must say she took it very well.  We got to swimming for 9.30 – only to discover it was too early – the big pool didn’t open for another hour so we went for a dim in the baby pool instead and I actually jumped in (with some encouragement from mum).  We went to Aunty Eesa’s and I was a bit scared of daisy dog and they kept telling me she was okay.  They want to be my height with a big fluffy thing nipping at their ankles and see how fine it is then!  Eventually Eesa held her and helped me to stroke her and by the time we left I was okay.  I even laughed when she licked my nose (Daisy that is – not aunty Eesa). 

2019:  AGONY. Rang 111 and mum trying to find emergencey dentist. None have any appointments unless I want to go go private. I’d struggle to pay nhs charges let alone private. Eventually I decided to take myself to A&A at the Norfolk and Norwich and am so glad I did. They were on the ball – this isn’t dental pain It’s my eye – related to Crohns (I know!) My cornea is inflamed and I am now on steroid eyes drops as well as tablets (which I have yet to pick up following last Gastro appt) Got to go back next week for follow up and in a couple of weeks for and Uveitis screening. That would probably explain the sudden pain, blurred vision and light sensitivity. I’m now codeine happy

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May 7th – The Tasty/Pain Dilema

2019:  Did some climbing at Edons today –  on and off the settee banging my elbow and head.  I played in the garden tonight, and ate my pasta out there, although it’s not exactly warm.  I fed the birds, bix, pasta and bread but they didn’t eat it – despite my yelling at them to ‘eat’.  We blew bubbles in the bath and I made mum laugh when I went to get out as I kept shaking my feet and then putting them back in the water.  Did I get something wrong?  She always shakes her feet before drying them with the towel

2019: Popped round to see Mum and Mark after work tonight. Mark was a bit drunk following a wake, but he was soon fast asleep not before giving us money for Chinese though) Love this food but it doesn’t love me. On top of stomach pain I also have a lot of pain in my jaw and gums and by the time we left it was behind my eye and in my head …..

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May 6th – Burning Bums with Crohns

1999:  Woke mum at 5.45 to tell her I had done a poo and lots more followed – everywhere.  She had to ring Nan and ask her to have me for the day.  Nan came round and we waved mum off from the lounge window and I blew her a huge kiss.  Had a bit of a problem today – every time I blew off I kept on pooing myself.  Mum came home at 4.45 and after Nan had gone I told her my bum was “hot” and then I went off to do another burning poo!  We had meatballs with gravy and mash (I did the mashing) it was nice – especially mums.  It always seems to taste better off of her plate.  I had a bath, and after 5 minutes I braved actually sitting down in the water, but it was a bit sore.

2019:  Monday morning and back to work. Burning poo? Like vindaloo. And fancy feeding me meatballs and gravy!!! TBH I’d still eat it now. Just food. Any food. Some days I just crave food and others I don’t want to eat a thing

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May 5th

1999:   Mum had to go to Cambridge this morning which meant I had to get to Edons by 7.45.  Nan collected me at 11.30 and we went shopping.  Half way round though I had the urge to visit the toilet and said “quick, quick, quick” as, nanny discovered, I have diarrhoea, not great after all the grapes I’d just eaten!  I had two hours sleep today following hours of fun with my friend the hosepipe. Mum was home at six and Nan told her what fun Bomper and I had been having – we were both playing the “mine” game.  Pa rang to say goodnight as he was just leaving Hastings, a few hours drive away, and will not be home to see me tonight.  Mum took me home at 7.00, as we were not getting on too well (like that’s my problem?!) I didn’t settle until nine though as I kept getting a dirty bum.

2019: Dirty bums are more get awayable at the age of 2. Not so much at 22. Good job I have long, fast legs to get me to the throne on time and the awesome toilet finder ap. Skeleton key comes in handy too -although have found a few doors it doesn’t work on.  Another day of Sunday relaxing, cleaning and cooking in our amazing kitchen. Love this place. It was originally derelict and the landlord spent £94,000 doing it up  So happy to be the first people to rent it for the pricely sum of £695 a month

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May 4th – Gotta Love a Lie in now (the difference between childhood and adulthood)

1999:  Didn’t wake up until 7.15 this morning, when I found my milk ready and waiting for me.  Mum came in and we had a big hug.  My nappy was only slightly damp and mum was very pleased, and so was I.  When we got to Edons her two were having a lie in and were still in bed.  Personally I can’t ever see me doing that, even if it is school holidays – I might miss something!  Josh arrived just after me, and mum left to my screams and tears.  I was pleased to see mum at 5.00 and couldn’t wait to get out to the car, but when I did I ran back twice to give Edon a big kiss.  It’s so confusing this tooing and froing I just don’t know which grass is greener really!   I didn’t eat much tea, even though it was one of my favourites – tagliatelle and garlic bread. I mostly licked the garlic butter off the bread. Nice treat for Edon tomorrow.

2019: Saturday lie in – they did come eventually but not as much as m teenage years when mum used to threaten me with a cold flannel at 1pm! Chilling and recovery day and  realising that having a partner when you have a chronic illness is tough but being accepted for who you are is what means the most.

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May 3rd – Time to Party. May Day Celebrations

1999:  It’s a lovely day and by nine I was out in the garden.  It was great fun; I don’t think the neighbours thought so though.  I stayed dry all morning but I slipped up with the poo.  Mum dressed me in my smart new dungarees from Uncle Teddy and we set off down the alley towards the shops.  There were thousands of pieces of pollen or dandelion or something, and it looked like snow in Spring! We bought some sweets (Sherbet Dib Dab which made a wonderful mess) and then sat on the green waiting for the Carnival!  I kept running backwards and forwards across the green, with arms out stretched to give mum a big hug.  The carnival was really good and afterwards we went to the May Day fete.  I went on the roundabout and the train and I hooked a duck and won a sword.  Breeze F.M. and the ’Blues Brothers’ were there, and mum and I had a bop whilst eating doughnuts.  We left at 2.45 because the sun was very hot, and so were we. I fell asleep in the buggy and didn’t wake up until six – when mum woke me.  We were off to Uncle Teddy’s for a BBQ.  Or so we thought.  We arrived at Teddy’s but there were no signs of anyone!  Mum rang Nan’s and Teddy answered the phone – the Barbie was round there!  I was very excited to see everyone.  I went for a drive in Uncle Teddy’s car and then we had some food. Uncle Teddy was being his usual silly self, and teaching me bad habits – he dropped his shorts and showed me his bum, which was really really funny, especially as he hadn‘t realised that Gary from next door was looking over the fence and saw everything!  Another lovely day, with lots of laughs, fun and hugs. 

2019:  No May day here. Its a Friday, and the end of my first week at Aviva. Im enjoying it but struggling with some things but dyslexia is like that. At least my body has had a break from the heavy labour of building sites. Friday is party night but we are happy just going back to our flat and chilling. Looking forward to The Beats coming out on 17th May though so may have to book a little flick trip. This summers gonna go off!

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