March 24th – Shopping, Cooking and Action. Where’s All the Food gone?!

1999: Didn’t want to go to Edons today but mum managed to tempt me, this time by seeing her son Dan. Took action man with me – naked and with yellow paint on his leg.  Mum said “I wonder how that got there?”  She’s so daft. Ran in to see Dan but he told me to go away as he was watching T.V.  I think he had a bit of a mood on, I mean TV can’t be more interesting than playing with me surely?  Ate loads today – pizza and chips and crisps and had chicken and mushroom pasta for tea – from the packet.  Somehow mum managed to burn half of it and undercook the other half!  I settled for a chicken drumstick instead.  I can’t wait until she let’s me loose on the saucepans to give her a few cooking lessons.  We had a flannel fight in the bath tonight, which was great fun and left the bathroom looking like a swimming pool

2019: Cooked last night for Zof et Al and then tried to watch a movie but the kids kept talking and playing around. I can now see where Dan was coming from! Lie in didn’t happen with kids in the house and  had to take them dancing and rugby. All the food I bought on my way in from work yesterday appears to have been devoured. We popped over to see mum and Mark and I was actually quite pleased to have a beef hotpot – she’s come a long way from packet pasta. Mum appeared to find the retelling of my day somewhat reminiscent and familiar.

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March 23rd – TV, Cars and Siblings

1999:  Mum found me lying across her bed at 1.00a.m.  Well, I’d tried to get in but she was taking up all the room and didn’t wake up when I came in.  She pulled me in properly and covered me up, for which she received a sleepy smile. Woke up full of beans and with my rash nearly gone.  Not the Scarlet Fever then! Mum said I could go back to Edons today and on the way there I waved to everyone and one or two people waved back (not as regally as I’d like mind, but a wave none the less). I had good fun today.  Mum says my character is getting more and more colourful each day with my “yeps” and “oh’s” and false laughs.  Tonight I played in the garden and,  after much pleading, mum let me have the hose pipe on to wash my car (amongst other things – including myself).  I wouldn’t mind but I’d be quite proud of her if she washed her car as much as I wash mine.  Mum’s a bit confused because she got a new wash ball for the washing machine the other day as the other 3 had disappeared, now she can’t find the new one.  Oh dear!  I can’t remember where I put it!  I can now get in and out of the bath on my own with my stool.  Mum looks nervous.  I wish she’d lighten up!

2019: 6th day of working, cheek’s a bit better and no brick incidents today. Feeling exhausted what with moving in a week ago today, working all week, stress and Crohns. Forgot we had Zofs brothers and sisters over tonight which was fun but tiring. Still, lie in tomorrow …

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March 22nd – Viral Break Dancing

1999: Still spotty but they’re not as red.  Didn’t like the light much in my bedroom, it was “bright” and I covered my eyes.  We played hide and seek, but mum hasn’t quite got the hang of it.  She keeps finding me and saying boo, but I stay hidden until I feel like it, and then I say ’boo’.  She’ll get the hang of it eventually.  Went to children’s world to get some new trainers as mine are scuffed.  I’m still a size 7G but ended up with 8G trainer?!  The lady said this was the best fit, but mum didn’t seem so sure.  I went for the professionals view, but mum keeps calling me flipper.  Went to the doctors to show him my spots. He says I either have Scarlet Fever, Allergic reaction or a Virus.  Not much choice then! 

2019: Another hard days work and a hard cheek blow when I was stacking bricks and one decided to stack it into my right cheek bone. I have a gash, its red and eating dinner tonight at spoons with Mum, Mark and Kiegan for his 21st, I felt as if I had bitten off something crunchy and sharp. Maybe a tooth? Maybe part of my cheek bone? But as mum says, I may well have matching sides now. I broke my left cheek bone just over a year ago whilst club performing in a cage. I spun over the top bar, which collapsed taking me many meters to the floor. Not my best move ….

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March 21st

1999:  Got up lots last night as could not settle.  Eventually went to bed at 10.30 with mum.  Woke at 5 and said ‘Up’ ‘dink’.  Mum said ‘you must be joking’ and back to sleep we went until 7.30.  I think mum was expecting a lie in. Think again.  I am covered all over with a rash.  Doctors tomorrow.  Helped mum wash the kitchen floor which is a bit of a wet job if you ask me.  What do you mean ring the cloth out? It’s not a bell!  Went to Asda shopping.  At the check out the open packets going through the scanner were bananas, lollies, chicken, cherry tomatoes and cheese biscuits.  Mum says that perhaps we should go to somewhere more scenic next time we decide to have a picnic.  I took all the magnetic letters off the fridge in a frenzy this afternoon – mum ignored me.  This temper thing doesn’t always seem to work.  Anyway I soon got her attention when I held up the ’M’ and said ’Mum, Mum, Mum,’ She was impressed. On the way to bed tonight I tripped over the stair gate. Mum said “where are you going?”  I looked straight at her and said “bed”. For some reason she found this very funny.

2019: Really hard days graft today. Covered in cuts and bruises. Pocket dialled mum. Text to tell her “pocket rang you” Cant believe she actually rang me and asked who pocket was! And the worlds ditziest mum award goes to ……. Went over to see her tonight though and wolfed down home made, unburnt, gluten and lactose free lasagne which was actually pretty good.

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March 20th – A Smile and A Wave

1999:  Decided to do some painting this morning. Mum put an old sheet on the kitchen floor, with paper and paints on it and left me to it.  I painted two pictures and the cupboards, the floor, the washing machine (inside and out for good measure).  Oh dear!  I’m sure Picasso didn’t get into trouble when he had a flash of inspiration.  Once mum had cleaned me and the kitchen  we  headed out in the car. We had to wait at the level crossing, I waved the train on and the driver waved back.  Friendly chap.  We went to Maldon swimming and one of my mates – Jake- was there.  Mum was made redundant.  She sat in the baby pool just watching Jake and me messing around like wild things.  It was great fun.  On the way home we saw police by the side of the road looking at all the cars.  Mum seemed a bit uncomfortable but I just smiled and waved at the jolly policeman, and he waved back.  See – it’s cool mum, really.  I wouldn’t mind but she hasn’t even done anything wrong!   

2019: So the flat is great but parking is a bit of a nightmare. There’s a car park out back which is free between 6pm and 9am and a little side area which is free but used by the shop owners. Its tight but its free and as I have no petrol and am getting a lift into work I left it there today ……. only to get a call from the rental agency that it was blocking a delivery area. No brownie points there then. I was very apologetic. Perhaps if I just smile and wave next time I walk past the shop window all will be ok ……

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March 19th – Perceptions on Growing Up

1999:  Mum decided she wasn’t going in to work today as she is poorly.  By 8.30 we had my new paints out.  I painted with my brushes, my hands and a potato. I think we should call the doctor I think she’s delirious.  Don’t we eat potatoes?  Anyway, I got in a wonderful mess – everywhere!  It was great fun.  I played in the garden this morning and this afternoon, with a nap and The Lion King in between.  It has turned quite cold again so I had to wrap up warm. It didn’t help when I kept wetting myself though, and mum gave up this afternoon and put nappies on.  Mum was cooking mushroom chicken and rice for tea when she noticed the apples she’d bought especially for me a couple of weeks ago which are now apparently on their way out.  She must have good eyesight because I can’t see them moving.  Ah well, mum knows best (are you sure this is true for all mums?)  Mum peeled them and stewed them, and I had them with ice cream.  The ice cream was lovely!  Didn’t have much of a bath tonight, as for the second night running I decided to play the pull the plug out whilst Mum’s not looking and paddle in the bubbles trick.  Far more fun.  But there’s no more hot water so I have to go to bed with red hair (of the painted variety).

2019: I used to love mum being poorly. Not because I wanted her to be ill but just because we had more time together doing crazy stuff. And then we both had to grow up (sort of!)

March 18th Boys Will Be Boys


18th – Couldn’t wait for this morning so I got in to mum’s bed at 11.00 last night instead. I was back in my own before midnight though.  I was only hot and restless.  Aren’t mothers supposed to put up with that sort of thing?  Well that’s caring for you. Jack’s revenge – back to mum’s for 5 and stayed restless until 6.45 – and….time to get up!  Things weren’t too bad though, I watched Tubs and had mum singing along to sing a song of sixpence and then doing a swaying dance – and it was before midday! Mum ended up being 10 minutes late for work; I wonder whether they thought it was a sad or sweet excuse?  Uncle Teddy and Nan came round tonight with mum’s new bed and I gave a big helping hand with all the carrying lark.  They didn’t seem so keen though, especially on the stairs.  Do they honestly think I’d trust them to do it all on their own?  Teddy and I went out to his Jeep and were messing around when mum came out to take a photo.  We posed.  She snapped.  Lovely.  Well it would have been but she’d still forgotten to put the film in! She eventually found some film and took some great posey shots, and just before we came in Teddy stood me on the roof of his Jeep, which I thought was great, but mum definitely didn’t.  Women!  Will they ever understand us? It’s a boy’s thing okay?  Once they’d gone I played in the garden, but got really fed up with mum because she wouldn’t let me stand on the roof of my own toy car!!! But it’s mine (and it’s plastic). It’s not that far down!  They do panic.  I decided to prove I was a big boy in other ways and buttered my own bread tonight, but every time mum looked the other way I ate the butter straight from the knife. I don’t think she saw me though. Either that or she’s as fed up with the word ‘No’ as I am.

2019: Have got a weeks work in Norwich labouring. Took Zof into work early so we could just take one car as low on fuel and no money. Apparently mum nearly text me to see if I was in for tea tonight and then remembered ….. It does all feel a bit like a holiday at the moment!

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