March 19th – Perceptions on Growing Up

1999:  Mum decided she wasn’t going in to work today as she is poorly.  By 8.30 we had my new paints out.  I painted with my brushes, my hands and a potato. I think we should call the doctor I think she’s delirious.  Don’t we eat potatoes?  Anyway, I got in a wonderful mess – everywhere!  It was great fun.  I played in the garden this morning and this afternoon, with a nap and The Lion King in between.  It has turned quite cold again so I had to wrap up warm. It didn’t help when I kept wetting myself though, and mum gave up this afternoon and put nappies on.  Mum was cooking mushroom chicken and rice for tea when she noticed the apples she’d bought especially for me a couple of weeks ago which are now apparently on their way out.  She must have good eyesight because I can’t see them moving.  Ah well, mum knows best (are you sure this is true for all mums?)  Mum peeled them and stewed them, and I had them with ice cream.  The ice cream was lovely!  Didn’t have much of a bath tonight, as for the second night running I decided to play the pull the plug out whilst Mum’s not looking and paddle in the bubbles trick.  Far more fun.  But there’s no more hot water so I have to go to bed with red hair (of the painted variety).

2019: I used to love mum being poorly. Not because I wanted her to be ill but just because we had more time together doing crazy stuff. And then we both had to grow up (sort of!)

March 18th Boys Will Be Boys


18th – Couldn’t wait for this morning so I got in to mum’s bed at 11.00 last night instead. I was back in my own before midnight though.  I was only hot and restless.  Aren’t mothers supposed to put up with that sort of thing?  Well that’s caring for you. Jack’s revenge – back to mum’s for 5 and stayed restless until 6.45 – and….time to get up!  Things weren’t too bad though, I watched Tubs and had mum singing along to sing a song of sixpence and then doing a swaying dance – and it was before midday! Mum ended up being 10 minutes late for work; I wonder whether they thought it was a sad or sweet excuse?  Uncle Teddy and Nan came round tonight with mum’s new bed and I gave a big helping hand with all the carrying lark.  They didn’t seem so keen though, especially on the stairs.  Do they honestly think I’d trust them to do it all on their own?  Teddy and I went out to his Jeep and were messing around when mum came out to take a photo.  We posed.  She snapped.  Lovely.  Well it would have been but she’d still forgotten to put the film in! She eventually found some film and took some great posey shots, and just before we came in Teddy stood me on the roof of his Jeep, which I thought was great, but mum definitely didn’t.  Women!  Will they ever understand us? It’s a boy’s thing okay?  Once they’d gone I played in the garden, but got really fed up with mum because she wouldn’t let me stand on the roof of my own toy car!!! But it’s mine (and it’s plastic). It’s not that far down!  They do panic.  I decided to prove I was a big boy in other ways and buttered my own bread tonight, but every time mum looked the other way I ate the butter straight from the knife. I don’t think she saw me though. Either that or she’s as fed up with the word ‘No’ as I am.

2019: Have got a weeks work in Norwich labouring. Took Zof into work early so we could just take one car as low on fuel and no money. Apparently mum nearly text me to see if I was in for tea tonight and then remembered ….. It does all feel a bit like a holiday at the moment!

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March 17th – Expensive Appetites

1999:  Was full of fun this morning- groomed spot the dog, wore mums slippers and basically just did silly things.  When we went out to the car we saw there was a man in a yellow box going up in the air.  Mum said he was mending the lights. I WANT A GO.  Life’s just so unfair.  On the way to Edons I saw a man on his motorbike, I waved and he waved back! I’m so well known around town.  Edon took me to the park but it was so muddy we all started sinking and I actually fell down a hole and ended up sinking to my hips!  Edon took us to the Village hall park instead whereupon, I decided to fall off the steps to the slide, but I was okay. When mum collected me, I had no trousers on and none to put on, as they were all muddy.  I wanted to go to Nanny’s but she was out. We went to Uncle Teddy’s instead, where we bumped in to Nan!  We stayed for a drink and then headed to Nan’s for tea.  I didn’t want any though.  When I went to get into the car, I realised Nan had disappeared.  I wasn’t having that.  I strode back to the front door.  ‘Nan’. ‘Nan’.  ‘Nan’. She re-appeared with a current bun.  Yum.  

2019: Worked up an appetite today. Went over to mums to collect table and chairs, tv and ex box (must have been tired to go without them yesterday!) Mum and Mark came back with us and we cooked a very late brunch for us in our own home. Love this grown up stuff – might change my mind once the bills role in though!



March 16th – Bed Time Stories in our New Home

1999:  I waved mum off from the settee at Edons (I forgot yesterday -oops!). I was a good boy today, but still in my showing off mood a bit when mum came to collect me this evening.  I soon calmed down, and put my shoes on nicely when mum said about going out to play in the garden again when we got home.  We even put my slide together.  I can walk up it both ways with no help at all.  I thought the rabbit run was a great climbing frame too, but mum didn’t seem too impressed when I headed towards it!  I then decided to put my bike over the slide. Mum decided to take a photo, but I wasn’t very amused because the bike was stuck and I got extremely frustrated trying to get it down, and mum had photographic evidence.  Or does she?  Mum – you’re supposed to put film in the camera first!!!  Anyway, I sorted it in the end, without help, which I most definitely do not need thank you very much.  Things went fairly well tonight, until it came to cleaning my teeth – we both wanted to do it.  Well they are my teeth after all, and if I want to just suck the toothpaste off the brush then I don’t see the problem.  Mummy won in the end.  I told mum my own bedtime stories tonight – how I was sick today when I coughed in Edons car.  ‘I had to shout Edon’ for her to stop’. It’s the first mum’s heard of this, but she seems amused.  Then I told her how I’d bumped my head and chin on the ceiling, the wardrobe and the wall!

2019: Is it really here? I met mum in the Kings Head at Beccles – she stopped drinking 6 weeks ago but had a glass of wine in her hand.  Luckily she was still able to read the tenancy and sign the guarantor side of things, with strict instructions that our rent is our priority as she does not want to lose her house.  We unloaded, drove back to mums, reloaded and again unloaded after shopping in B&M for food and pillows etc. Mum is wondering when it really does start to get cheaper …….  Exhausting but wonderful day and tonight Zof and I stayed in our new home. No bedtime stories needed zzzzz

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March 15th Home Sweet Home

1999:  – Wanted to get up, but mum insisted on staying in bed until the alarm went off and then it was a race to see who got to the alarm first.  It was me.  No snoozing this morning.  I got a penalty for trying to be up so early – mum decided to shave my head, while I drank my milk, but the clippers weren’t fully charged………….. what a shame!!  I got to drink my milk in peace!  Edon reported to mum that my ‘behaviour’ had continued on into today, which I decided to demonstrate when she came to collect me – I threw a toy fire engine across the room and it hit Josh in the face.  Well I don’t want to go home yet; she always comes home from work and spoils all my fun.  But home seemed the only option at this point. In fact I was bundled into the car without a pause for breath.  Once home I played in the garden on my bike, car and in the rabbit run (I can now climb in!).  Only thing missing was the escapee rabbit.  The only other problem was the fact that I can’t actually climb out of the run again, and mum got fed up having to keep lifting me out, and eventually put the covers on. I carried on amusing myself by rolling my football over it from side to side, which was fine, until it got stuck half way.  I decided to climb across the top to get it (well I daren’t call her again) and it all collapsed!  I wasn’t hurt, but mum had to come to the rescue again anyway. 

2019: Packing up my bedroom today, sorting, throwing and storing. Best to do it when mums not here as I’m a thrower and she’s a keeper. I have noticed my box of cars in the loft that I threw out 2 years ago but she has written ‘Keep’ across the box. Not sure who’s going to be doing the reminiscing! My stuffs all loaded in mums car and tonight I went to Zofs to load hers into mine. It’s really happening.

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March 14th – Cycling Mum’s and Houses

1999:  Padded into mums room and stroked her hair – well it is Mothers day and I know how to make her happy.  Nanny and Pa came round with a new kettle and I gave mum a card and a bear ornament, which I chose when I was out with Nanny.  I saw the other children playing out in the street on their bikes and after much pointing, and longing looks, mum let me have my first ride on my bike in the street.  It was great – and I only fell off once – no bumps though.  I’ve got one on my head from earlier though when Pa took me to the toilet – I bent down to wipe my willie and banged my head on the pan!  Grandma came to collect me this morning and off I went to Daddy’s, bike an’ all.  Dad is moving to Kent on Thursday, so I don’t know when I’ll get to see him again.  I had a lovely day but it was very tiring. One minute I was playing in the corner of the settee and the next thing I knew I was back at home with Uncle Teddy  (we now have a T)  cuddling me and trying to wake me up.  I  ended up going to bed early tonight –  Something to do with ‘overstepping the mark’.  Thing is I didn’t step, and I didn’t see any mark – I did hit mummy on the knee and refused to say sorry.  She did threaten me with bed, but I didn’t think she’d actually do it, but she did, and now I’m in bed – and all because Uncle Teddy woke me up when I was still tired. 

2019:  No bike riding today but a drive over to Beccles to read tenancy agreement and the first signature is on. Now its getting real. I think we are both excited and scared all at the same time. We will soon have another place to call home as I have continued adding many more home from homes over the years.

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March 13th


13th – Awoke to discover mum in bed with me.  I gave her a big smile and a kiss.  We cuddled up until seven when Agal, who was in her cot in the same room as us, woke up and Karen came in to get her.  That will be my cue to get up then.  I’m glad to say the rest of the house weren’t far behind.  There’s no point wasting a perfectly good day is there? Having said that, we didn’t have a very good day really – mum and me.  We were both willful and moody.  We walked into Chelmsford to choose my photos.  This was fine, until we had to leave and I chose to head butt the glass in the door twice.  (Well I didn’t want to go – I was having fun watching that other little boy setting off the fire extinguisher- although his mum didn’t seem to see the funny side of it!) Anyway, for my sins – I got put in the buggy and wasn’t allowed to walk!  We went to Boots and mum bought me some brilliant paints (she can never stay mad for long), but I didn’t want to be in the buggy and I certainly didn’t want to be in the shop – so I threw them on the floor.  We went into Next to spend my Christmas vouchers on some trousers, but I didn’t much like it in there either.  Mum bought me a drink and some crisps and pushed me in the fresh air and things got a whole lot better – see I don’t really want for much, it just takes her a while to realise my basic needs of thirst and hunger – and she calls herself a nurse!!!!   She did save me from injury later in the day though – we went to Donals for tea – I had a happy meal but wanted ketchup and so mum went to the counter to get some.  As she was walking back, I twisted on the seat and toppled over backwards.  Everyone let out a gasp; mum ran for the Olympics (and got Gold) and caught my ankle just before my head hit the floor, although I still slithered down with a bang.  Everyone sighed with relief, and realising the seriousness of the situation, I milked it – and cried for a while – but I couldn’t resist my loodaloo for too long!  The customer care man was very nice; he even gave me an extra meal and a chocolate doughnut for my trials and tribulations, which were very yummy.

2019: The fire extinguisher sound like fun, I’m surprised I didn’t join in with that one (or even think of it myself). Zof came over tonight as tomorrow she is going to sign the tenancy agreement for the flat as she is working on Saturday when mum and I are going. Money all transferred. Exciting days. I wonder if there is a retained fire station in Beccles …..

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