May 2nd – Memorials of Life, Flights and Southend Airport

1999:  Up at seven, although had crawled into bed earlier with mum.  I looked closely to check it was her.  I gave her a big hug and kiss and settled back down to sleep with a smile.  We went down for milk and I told mum I wanted to wee.  What a surprise she had when she took my nappy off – it was completely dry! Well I did tell them last night that I didn’t want my nappy on, whatever happened to trust? Mum had a bit of a lie in and when she got up, I proudly showed her the mess in my room and how clever I am – I’d been working just like Pa!  Today we went with Nanny to go to the crematorium, where my mummy‘s Nanny is.  We stopped at the nursery to buy plants and then got back into the car.  A little way up the road something blew off the roof of Nan’s car -oh dear it was mum’s mobile.  We had to pull over whilst mum sprinted back up the road to retrieve it (that’s the slowest sprint I’ve ever seen).  We drove to the Crem, where mum planted her plant, and Nan put some silk roses in a vase – I did the watering of course.  I stayed dry all morning and used the toilet and mum and Nan were very proud.  We went to the Ann Boleyn pub for lunch – chits and fizz.  It was great as it was right next to Southend airport and I got my first real close up of planes taking off and flying right over us.  There were also buses, trains, helicopters, cars and bikes to look at.  I was in my element. We had lemon and pepper turkey and pasta for tea, but I dropped mine all over the floor.  Luckily Nan had some in reserve! 

2019:  How Southend Airport has changed and is causing uproar rather than my childhood excitement.  Have to say I still love planes (and basically anything with an engine) but think even I might not like to live next to Southend Runway. When we lived in Lincolnshire we were on the flight path to Coningsby and used to love all the planes – Tornado and then Eurofighter which were amazing but the special treats were when the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and red Arrows would fly over.

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May 1st – Saving Pounds and Gaining Kilograms

1999:  May Day?  What you talking about Maypole?  What’s that then?  Can’t see anything strange around here.  Anyway, I had a lovely day with Pa’s as Mum’s going to London with Aunty Rita.  Pa and I made bread and after we had finished we walked over to Asda. I pushed the buggy and as I went over the man holes, I pretended they were ‘steps’ like mum goes over in the car which mum calls sleeping policemen, but I never see any policeman let alone sleeping ones.  Pa bought me a toy helicopter and motorbike and when we were at the checkout, I tried to park my bike in the bum of the lady in front of us.  Pa looked a bit embarrassed but the lady found it funny. When we got home Pa let me have the hose on to wash the car and water the plants which I did for 2 hours! When we went to my home this evening, mum wasn’t back, but her car was there, which was very confusing until Nan explained she had gone by train (If I hadn’t had such a great day I would have been jealous by this snippet of information). Told Pa I didn’t want by nappy on tonight but he eventually encouraged me.

2019:  On line chat training today – was ok doing it amongst ourselves this morning but a bit more scary when we went live this afternoon but I am only 3 days in. Long conversation with mum this evening encouraging her that she is making the right move selling their bungalow and downsizing to an apartment to enable them to have more money and live. Whilst they are trying to lose the mortgage pounds I am happy to say that 8 months post surgery I am now a healthy 89kg compared to the 81kg that I was 6 days after surgery (although they had just removed 30cm of my ileum)

NB. I’m sure the term sleeping policemen is no longer politically correct so sorry if this has offended anyone but it was 20 years ago

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April 30th – Fight or Flight?

1999:   Had to keep giving mum “another 10 minutes” from the alarm at 6.30.  I gave her four and at 7.10 said ‘up’, very assertively (or was it daringly? either way it worked!))  Didn’t wear a nappy to Edon’s today as I had already done a huge poo – on the toilet of course.  However, things didn’t go quite to plan and when we got back from taking the other children to school, Edon discovered the buggy was soaking!  Have been in the wars today.  I walked into a wall at toddlers and have a lovely bump on my head.  My face is also covered in scratches, but then again so is Jakes and I’m not telling who started it.  

2019:  Seems my fighting days started young. Although nowadays most of my adrenaline surges are anxiety fuelled and I can either hide away from the world for days or get really angry. Glad to say this has settled a lot since meeting Zof and I am trying to be a responsible adult and calm down my primal brain. I am chalk and chees though. Mum always reminds me of the time I was clubbing (about 3 years ago) and got into a fight and the next night I was sat at Ipswich Regent watching The Russian Ballet perform Swan Lak (and how mum and I laughed about the bulge!)

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April 29th – Toddler Tantrums

1999:  Into mums at six.  It was actually still dark, so I went back to sleep for 15 whole minutes.  I wasn’t fooled for long though, I soon realised it was the new curtains making it dark and that it was actually light outside, so I got up.  Back to Edon’s today and toddler group and I also saw nan and Bomper. Tonight mum started digging up the garden. The chance was not to be missed – permission to dig in the garden, so I picked up my spade too.  After a bath I demanded my drink.   Mum told me she was making it, but I WANT IT NOW.  To show I meant business I whacked the washing machine with my toy car.  Mum said once more and I would go to bed – so I gave it my best shot.  BED.  I wanted to stay downstairs.  Mum told me I would have to say sorry to the washing machine, which I did – is she daft it’s an object (with feelings apparently).  Then I took myself off to bed.  What’s so funny mum?  Did I miss something?  Oh well, I was tired anyway

2019:  The long awaited day is here. Finally started at Aviva. First day went well and I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing relief it was not to be pounding my body on a building site and working a 10 hour day. Id like to say mum has made all my 1999 diary up but I still spit my dummy out now

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April 28th – Bring Back that Beach Day Fun

1999: – I went to West Mersea today with Nanny, Dandell, Dessica and their nanny and had a lovely day.  I paddled in the sea, but ran off every time a wave came!  We played in the sand and made ‘cakes’ in a bucket.  All the sea air made me very hungry and I ate cheese sarnies, Satsuma’s, a bag of crisps and an ice-lolly.  We played in the park and it wasn’t until on the way home that I slept for a while. When mum came home my favourite words became “no” and “mine”.  Nan told her that I ’had not been like that all day’.  No.  Because this is my Mother Head.  Pa took us home in his van (which I seemed to find far more exciting than mummy)  He had collected mum’s new mattress today and it’s absolutely wicked – I can jump really high now! 

2019: Sunday day of rest. No such chance – I have housework to do. I’m doing the lounge and kitchen and Zof’s doing the floordrobe and bathroom – although she is out for the day so chances are it will be left until next weekend when its my turn to do those rooms! Funnily enough I don’t jump up and down on the furniture anymore although I’m always getting into to trouble for standing on the new sofa

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April 27th – Play Days

1997:  Awake at 5.30 and had to play on my own until 6.30, which I think was a bit rotten of mum.  She was a bit better this morning, well that is until I refused to tidy up my toys.  Had to go to Edon’s with a nappy today.  I chose soup for tea – but didn’t eat it.  At least it saved mum cooking.  Played in the garden, mum’s in much better form and we played ‘Pattacake’ and ball on the swing.  When I was on the swing I had a runny nose, mum went in to get some tissue, but when she came back out I told her it had gone – I’d sniffed it back up!  Pa called round tonight to mow the grass.  I sat on my beanbag watching him through the kitchen door.  Later I slapped and punched mums leg.  She said that if I did it once more I would go to bed.  Well, I had to test it, didn’t?  I did get the chance of a reprieve though – if I apologised.  Not on your Nelly! So off to bed it was.

2019:  Went onto Rooms in Gorleston last night and stayed at Harry’s. Up early with taxi back to Lowestoft, collect car and home. Over to nanny and Pa’s today to see them, Uncle Terry and cousin Beau. Great brunch and then footy in the park this  afternoon. Mum popped over too but left before the footy. Kissed her goodbye and said “see you at home later” and then remembered I’ve moved out

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April 26th – Who knows where mums at?


1999 – Not a good day today. Mum woke up with the hump and was banging and crashing around like a demented thing.  She shouted at me for messing up my room with toys, which I do every day, and told me that tonight I could tidy my room.  Would someone please tell her I’m only two?  She had a stomp upstairs as she forgot the phone, then her boots, then her jacket, all of which was my fault of course!  I just stood watching her, nodding and saying yes, every time she shouted!  We eventually got to Edon’s.  Things didn’t improve there, just as we were about to leave for school, she discovered I’d pooed my nappy, so I think I upset her too (and it’s only 8.45!)  When mum came to collect me I got my own back and had hysterics.  I eventually calmed down when we got home and saw that mum had tears too.  We had a hug and I went to play in the garden (safest place I reckon).  I watered mum’s new plants, which are miraculously still alive, I didn’t realise anything grew out here other than weeds.  I made a muddy puddle on the grass and dragged all my toys through it.  I wasn’t really interested in my tea, but I did go and get the potato masher from the draw and mashed the potatoes.  Had a bath and a short cuddle downstairs.  Mum’s still not very happy and so after 2 stories of ‘Peepo’, I was expected to go to sleep, but it was only seven.  I defiantly lay awake until 9.00 when I had to give in!

2019:  Wanting to eat all day, showered and drove to Lowestoft with Zof  after work but the bloomin Chinese buffet was closed! Went to meet mum and Mark at the pub and bought Chinese round the corner and ate at the bar (Thank you Factory Arms) Love Chinese but the tummy doesn’t and am feeling a massive belly on! Asked mum if she is going past hospital to drop off my poo. She suggested I just post it through the door of GP surgery on my way home tonight. Yeah. I’m sure the receptionist will love finding that first thing Monday morning. Jacks 3 day old poo looking up at her from the mat!

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