February 8th – Changing Plans with Potty Training and Crohns

1999:  I think it must be mum’s funny time of month again, she’s not been herself the past day or two, and today was no better.  Oh joy!  Another week of impatience, shouting and not being able to do anything right.  Mum had a shower whilst I drank my milk in her bed and when she came back in for cuddles realised that me and the bed were soaked for the second morning running.  We were a bit behind today and a bit rushed to get out the door.  I thought it was great fun to avoid the shoes and coat, but mum didn’t hold out too well with that game.  We got to Edon’s just as they were about to leave for school, so I went straight in the buggy.  When mummy went I screamed and sobbed, I think I saw a tear in mummy’s eye as she walked away.  We went to the doctors tonight as I keep saying ‘I’m ‘ot’ and have a gooey nose and eyes.  Now got nasal drops and antibiotics.  We made dinner together, we had good fun, and I pricked the sausages and then pretended to peel a potato with my plastic knife and then threw it around the kitchen. 

2019: Over to Zof’s tonight after work as going to set up joint account tomorrow and speak to estate agents about rental property. How things change. This time last year I was recovering from a fungal infection in my blood and sepsis. I planned to go away for a year to Australia, had my visa and my flights booked for May. Crohns had other ideas as I was rushed in to hospital a week before my flight and had to stay here to have surgery in July. And then I met Zof. We cannot travel currently as still not medically fit but there’s always time.

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February 7th

1999:   Mum went to get my milk this morning and, once I had drunk it, she kicked me out of bed and sent me off to play in my bedroom! Mum reckons I was a bit whingy this morning; and who wouldn’t be after such desertion? It didn’t help much when I somersaulted over my cot side and off of my bed.  I was quite brave really, I was more upset that my cot side had fallen off the bed and was desperately trying to put it back, but mum stepped in to help.  We got dressed up to go out to lunch with Bomps, but I didn’t want to put my Thomas the Tank cardigan on.  Mum eventually got it on and then I told her “me hot”.  I like to make her feel rotten – well I did tell her, if only she’d listened in the first place.  She eventually felt my head and said that I did feel hot and had to give me some magic medicine.  I fell asleep on the way to Bompers and awoke, in my buggy in a strange restaurant.  The restaurant only does a Sunday roast but I charmed the waitress and ended up with fish tiddlers and chips!  

2019: Me whingey? I much prefer the charmer bit. But as I’ve always said – if mum would only listen in the first place.  Having said that I’m not much better as I have an appalling memory and can only do one thing at a time. Mums given up verbally asking now and often writes me notes or gets more techno and texts me. Talking of writing, I have agreed for mum to write to my gastro consultant today to let him know I’m not taking the immunosuppressants. I had surgery to remove 30cm of my small intestine in July but had re-ulcerated by November, hence having to go back on these. I’m hoping to get another appointment with him to discuss the options of fortnightly injections instead of tablets as they are lower maintenance – and less for me to remember each day!

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February 6th – Getting out of Bed

1999:  I don’t think mummy really wanted to get up this morning, but I half talked, half dragged her into it.  Mum lay on the settee trying to nap but I wanted to play.  She eventually talked me into playing with my toys for half an hour whilst she snoozed until the phone rang. Mum packed the swimming bag this morning and I got very excited.  We nearly didn’t go though as I wouldn’t sit in the car seat.  Mum asked ‘do you want to go swimming’.  I said no.  Huh, that stumped her, didn’t it?  No it didn’t – back indoors we went. I said I wanted to go ‘dimming’ and mum said it was the last chance.  I walked straight out to the car and sat in my seat.  Well you don’t mess around with last chances do you?  Mum asked if I wanted to go to the pictures tonight, I did, not that I’ve ever been before so I didn’t really know what it was. I liked the sweeties and pop but I wasn’t too sure about the film thing, it was a bit dark and loud and the most entertaining bit was running up and down the aisle.  We didn’t even stay to the end.

2019:   I’m still better at getting up than mum now, but confess there were a good few years in-between where the roles were reversed. At least mum did try several gently attempts of waking me up before the dragging me out of bed part. I never did get that wet flannel in my face or water poured over me. Not sure if this was due to an empty threat or me not wanting to risk it. Besides, I probably would have threatened to call child line. I know the number you know ………….

And fancy mum running up and down the aisle with me in the cinema? She’s just so embarrassing

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February 5th – Communication, Telephones and Technology

1999:  Back to my old ways this morning but mum wasn’t so pleased. She told me to ‘lie still’ and ‘be quiet’.  Flaming cheek, I’ve given her enough lie in’s recently.  I did manage it for a minute or two though.  The alarm went off at 7.10 and not being one to waste an opportunity I was out of the bed like a shot.  No snoozing today mother!  And just to make doubly sure, I turned the alarm off. I showed off my talking skills, repeating every word mummy said. Although I’m good at ‘Mam’ Mummy is not my forte and after attempts at ‘meme’ and ‘memum’ she gave up.   Tonight, the phone rang; I answered it and had the best phone conversation ever.  I was very clever saying ‘yes, oh, yes um…..’ I gave mummy the phone and apparently it was a wrong number.  Well I enjoyed talking to him anyway.

2019:  Funnily enough Zof and I were repeating everything mum said the other day. Im far too young to grow up just yet. Love a good laugh but unlike 20 years ago I would struggle to answer  the phone now if I did not know who was calling. Luckily nowadays we don’t have static landlines and I do all my communicating on my mobile. I struggle with the concept that there were not mobile phones around when mum was younger but as she often tells me “We had 2p and a big red telephone box!” Well you cant facetime on that can you? And what about snapchat and all that? Oh. Apparently she didn’t have that either! Better stop now before she starts up with “In my day ……”

But I did put I did put the photo above on my wall today

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February 4th – Cooking and decorating

1999:  Mummy’s going back to work today, after having been off sick, so it was on with the old routine.  I did help her to have a shower though and even fetched a towel for her, such the little gentleman.  Mum collected me from Edons after work and I helped her to cook the tea.  We were having burgers, so I took them out the packet and started licking them but spoil sport mum took them off of me.  My tummy’s fine thank you very much.  We ate the cooked burgers with Thomas the Tank pasta shapes – with a slight variation – singed flavour.  After dinner I dished up the ice cream, but as usual ate most of it out of the carton – I find it tastes better that way.  Tonight mummy emptied her chest of drawers ready for painting, she was so engrossed she didn’t realise I’d managed to get the lid off the gloss paint and had loaded a brush until it was a tad too late.  I think my carpet design is quite nice actually

2019:  Mum has actually gone back to work today after 5 weeks off following redundancy. She came home and started dinner but I took over the pasta back as I prefer in unsinged! Clearly I was just copying mum with the painting as she gets it all over the carpet when she paints.

February 3rd – Heating up v Cooking

1999:  This morning I put my mouth right up to mum’s ear and whispered ‘Mum’, but she didn’t seem to hear, so I did it again at the same time tapping her on the head.  This seemed to do the trick.  Mum decided we would drink our tea and milk in bed this morning, which seemed a good idea until she dropped her tea in her lap.  I carried on drinking whilst she went and sat under a cold shower.  God knows why.  Surely a warm one would be more fitting for this time of day.  Mum put my warm fleece and hat on this morning, I don’t know why because it’s not particularly cold, but it had something to do with the fact that they ‘matched my trousers’.  What do I care?  I’m an Aquarian; colour and clothing co-ordination is not my scene. I ate all my dinner tonight and mummy says it’s so nice to cook for a reason and not to throw it all in the bin.  I don’t know what the problem is, any fool can open a freezer, take something out of its packet and stick it under the grill or in the oven – it’s really not that hard mum.

2019: Made Zof breakfast in bed this morning – fortunately it was only cereal with cold milk so when she spilt it all in her lap it wasn’t quite so bad! We offered to take mum shopping today – I’m still denying it has anything to do with the lack of food and bacon in the house. But in fairness to me, I did cook a stir fry for tea, so surely that makes up for the shopping bill being double the normal price?

February 2nd

1999:  Awoke drenched – mummy changed me, but not without a fight, all I wanted to do was snuggle back down in her bed and sleep.   Current bun and banana for breakfast, complete with juice.  It wasn’t until we got to Edon’s that I realised I’d skipped my milk ration.   I had my nappy off all evening and kept saying ‘poo’, dragging mummy upstairs and not going.  I did try though.  On the 3rd attempt I was pushing and squeezing but ‘no poo’.  Up I got and, oh dear, it came out on the bathroom floor.

2019: Just as well I didn’t have Crohn’s when potty training! Stayed over at Zof’s last night and we both came back to mine this afternoon. Day chilling and watching movies and have prepped the chops for tonight’s casserole with a cider and JD marinade. Good job no one has to drive tonight.