March 28th – Summer Time Sleepovers (with Alcohol)

1999: I awoke in Aunty Eesa’s bed with mum next to me and the rest of the house was up by 6.15 – but they didn’t seem too impressed.  Anyway I was saved later when Uncle Tony, who was away fishing, rang to say the clocks had gone forward an hour, so there!  We played a bit this morning and aunty Eesa took us home at 10.30 or is it 11.30?  We went to bed when we got in as mum is feeling poorly.  Something to do with Martel, whoever that is! We snuggled up until 3.00!  Mum looked slightly less green when we got up, but I’ve seen her looking better.  I wanted to carry on sleeping really, but eventually gave in to mum’s persistence and went out to play in the garden.  When we went to have a bath the water was really cold and mum had to boil up kettles of water to make it warm. 

2019: Hmm. No issues with Martel on Mums first sleep over but I’m a little green from Jack as I was eventually swigging out of the bottle to try and numb my ankle pain. Swelling has gone down though and I have a bit more movement so will just continue to hobble until it heals. Don’t really want to be travelling to Budapest with plaster on anyhow. Although assisted flying is quite good – I had this flying back from Ireland once with a broken toe. The first of many toe breaks. My big toes are now so numb I’m continually stubbing them as cannot feel them!

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March 27th – Fresh Farm Meats

1999:  Well spring is here, and mum can no longer say “go back to sleep it’s the middle of the night”.  No more fooling me mother.  The sun is shining and it’s as bright as day out there. “UP”.  We listened to music, watched T.V. and played.  We jumped over cushions and then hid under them (my favorite game). I walked all the way to town and back (accompanied by mum).  Then I had to sit and wait, and wait, and wait whilst mum had her hair cut.  I wasn’t too happy.  As we left the hairdressers mum apologised and said something about childcare arrangements next time.  Sorry, but I’m the one who was bored and neglected.  Aunty Eesa, Dandell and Dessica came over this afternoon and we went to the farm to see and feed the animals.  When I was on my pony ride someone stole my animal food and I was not best impressed.  I decided to take a short cut to the play area across the grass but half way there, I just stopped dead and didn’t move.  Mum came running over to me and discovered I stepped into the bog and was up to my knees in water.  Aunty Eesa found this highly amusing and said I looked like a bog monster. Oh ho, ho, very funny.  We had ice cream and played on the slide and climbing frame. And then I decided to walk into the swings.  Ouch! After tea and baths we all piled into Eesa’s camper van and headed for hers where we stayed the night.

2019: Text mum to see if could come over for tea tonight instead of tomorrow and she agreed. Bought steak for tea from the butchers under us and cooked Mum an early Mothers Day dinner.  At work today I walked into a scaffold pole with the ankle and after  dinner Zof took me to A&E (mum says she had done her stint of this) but we were back in an hour due to estimated waiting times 7 – 8 hours in all.

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March 26th – Long Winded Language Bloopers

1999:   I can’t just say “duice” or “dink” and “pease” anymore.  I have to repeat after mummy “Mum can I have a drink please?”.  It seems rather a long-winded way to go about things if you ask me! We decided to go swimming today. Mum rang Maldon pool but it would have been closed by the time we got there so we headed for Chelmsford instead. There were so many cars on the road and mum decided to take a ‘short cut’ but took a wrong turning and it took us ages to turn round again. This was the first in a long line of hiccups.

·         When we arrived at the pool we didn’t have enough money for the car park.

·         The lady at the pool reception was not impressed changing up a £5.00 note for the car park machine.

·         We walked all around the leisure centre trying to find the changing rooms.

·         I’d done a poo in my pants and mum had forgotten the wipes

·         The baby pool was shut and we had to use the large pool with lots of hardcore swimmers who didn’t         appear to find my splashing around fun

·         My armband broke

·         I was bored after 10 minutes and got out and refused to get back in

·         On the way back to the car mum turned round to see me climbing on a motorbike (not that I see the            problem with that one!)

2019:  Spoke to mum today and invited her over for dinner on Thursday night  and early Mothers Day as we are away the weekend. Hopefully she’ll fid her way, she still gets lost quite regularly – even with the sat nav technology of today

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March 25th – Tears, Tantrums and Fun

1999:  Awoke loudly and brightly – mum was sleeping (but not for long!) downstairs and came up to get me. She tried to go back to sleep but I wasn’t having any of that nonsense.  Within 20 minutes of mum being up, she told me she was fed up with the words “no” and “mine”.  I don’t know why, personally I think they’re great!  Went to Edons and Dan was more cheerful today, he even met me at the door.  Didn’t want to stay but mum said I have toddlers club today, which I love.  But I want her to come with me!!  Edon took me off of mum who was trying to escape out of the door, which she managed to do, and so I head butted the toilet door. Call herself a mother? She didn’t even come running back as expected.  Surely there must be some sort of temper thing that works.  I decided to have another go when she came to pick me up.  I ran off, but she caught me and as she put me in the car seat, I had the biggest tantrum ever.  How comes she always wins? Before I knew it, I was strapped in and we were on our way!  I didn’t want to play in the garden.  I didn’t really want to do anything much apart from cling, grizzle and cry.  Mum soon cheered me up though.  We were singing and dancing before and after tea and after my bath we had a bottle of milk and beer.   Mmm, very nice.  Think I prefer mum’s though.  Now if I could just ……….no. Don’t think she’ll fall for that one again; they’re different colours this time! 

2019: We’ve both had our tantrums over the last week of moving in so tonight Zof and I went to Tesco’s for food and snacks and had a relaxing snuggle night. Looking forward to Friday and Budapest.

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March 24th – Shopping, Cooking and Action. Where’s All the Food gone?!

1999: Didn’t want to go to Edons today but mum managed to tempt me, this time by seeing her son Dan. Took action man with me – naked and with yellow paint on his leg.  Mum said “I wonder how that got there?”  She’s so daft. Ran in to see Dan but he told me to go away as he was watching T.V.  I think he had a bit of a mood on, I mean TV can’t be more interesting than playing with me surely?  Ate loads today – pizza and chips and crisps and had chicken and mushroom pasta for tea – from the packet.  Somehow mum managed to burn half of it and undercook the other half!  I settled for a chicken drumstick instead.  I can’t wait until she let’s me loose on the saucepans to give her a few cooking lessons.  We had a flannel fight in the bath tonight, which was great fun and left the bathroom looking like a swimming pool

2019: Cooked last night for Zof et Al and then tried to watch a movie but the kids kept talking and playing around. I can now see where Dan was coming from! Lie in didn’t happen with kids in the house and  had to take them dancing and rugby. All the food I bought on my way in from work yesterday appears to have been devoured. We popped over to see mum and Mark and I was actually quite pleased to have a beef hotpot – she’s come a long way from packet pasta. Mum appeared to find the retelling of my day somewhat reminiscent and familiar.

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March 23rd – TV, Cars and Siblings

1999:  Mum found me lying across her bed at 1.00a.m.  Well, I’d tried to get in but she was taking up all the room and didn’t wake up when I came in.  She pulled me in properly and covered me up, for which she received a sleepy smile. Woke up full of beans and with my rash nearly gone.  Not the Scarlet Fever then! Mum said I could go back to Edons today and on the way there I waved to everyone and one or two people waved back (not as regally as I’d like mind, but a wave none the less). I had good fun today.  Mum says my character is getting more and more colourful each day with my “yeps” and “oh’s” and false laughs.  Tonight I played in the garden and,  after much pleading, mum let me have the hose pipe on to wash my car (amongst other things – including myself).  I wouldn’t mind but I’d be quite proud of her if she washed her car as much as I wash mine.  Mum’s a bit confused because she got a new wash ball for the washing machine the other day as the other 3 had disappeared, now she can’t find the new one.  Oh dear!  I can’t remember where I put it!  I can now get in and out of the bath on my own with my stool.  Mum looks nervous.  I wish she’d lighten up!

2019: 6th day of working, cheek’s a bit better and no brick incidents today. Feeling exhausted what with moving in a week ago today, working all week, stress and Crohns. Forgot we had Zofs brothers and sisters over tonight which was fun but tiring. Still, lie in tomorrow …

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March 22nd – Viral Break Dancing

1999: Still spotty but they’re not as red.  Didn’t like the light much in my bedroom, it was “bright” and I covered my eyes.  We played hide and seek, but mum hasn’t quite got the hang of it.  She keeps finding me and saying boo, but I stay hidden until I feel like it, and then I say ’boo’.  She’ll get the hang of it eventually.  Went to children’s world to get some new trainers as mine are scuffed.  I’m still a size 7G but ended up with 8G trainer?!  The lady said this was the best fit, but mum didn’t seem so sure.  I went for the professionals view, but mum keeps calling me flipper.  Went to the doctors to show him my spots. He says I either have Scarlet Fever, Allergic reaction or a Virus.  Not much choice then! 

2019: Another hard days work and a hard cheek blow when I was stacking bricks and one decided to stack it into my right cheek bone. I have a gash, its red and eating dinner tonight at spoons with Mum, Mark and Kiegan for his 21st, I felt as if I had bitten off something crunchy and sharp. Maybe a tooth? Maybe part of my cheek bone? But as mum says, I may well have matching sides now. I broke my left cheek bone just over a year ago whilst club performing in a cage. I spun over the top bar, which collapsed taking me many meters to the floor. Not my best move ….

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